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Contemporary Mathematics is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal. Our ultimate goal is to make the journal an important source for publishing high quality papers related to the development of contemporary mathematics as well as a continuing and evolving source of interesting and relevant problems for researchers.

The scope of this journal includes theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies in all fields of mathematics and the mathematical sciences. A broad spectrum of topics are covered: mathematical theory, pure mathematics, algebra, geometry and topology, complex analysis, differential equations, industrial mathematics, computational mathematics, discrete mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical physics etc.

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Open Access Article

Analysis on Rheology of Unsteady Casson Fluid Flow through an Atherosclerotic Lesion

by Chhama Awasthi, S. U. Siddiqui

ABSTRACT: In this study, the blood flow mechanism in an inclined artery with the unwanted growth inside the arterial wall has been investigated by modelling blood as a non-Newtonian Casson fluid. A...

Open Access Article

Extended Semilocal Convergence for Chebyshev-Halley-Type Schemes for Solving Nonlinear Equations under Weak Conditions

by Samundra Regmi, Ioannis K. Argyros, Santhosh George, Christopher I. Argyros

ABSTRACT: The application of the Chebyshev-Halley type scheme for nonlinear equations is extended with no additional conditions. In particular, the purpose of this study is two folds. The proof of the...