Food Science and Engineering, Volume 2 Issue 2 (2021), 38-125

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Grinding Characteristics of Coriander Seed with Reference to Physical Properties and Energy Consumption

by S Balasubramanian, Raj kumar, Ram Awatar, KK Singh

ABSTRACT: Coriander ( Coriandrum sativum ) at three moisture content (5.7, 11.4 and 17.2 %, db) were ground using a micro pulverizer hammer mill with different grinder screen openings (0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 mm)...

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Assessment of Growth and Technological Performances of Yogurt Bacteria Isolated From Local Turkish Yogurts

by Irem Uzunsoy, Sebnem Ozturkoglu Budak, Tuba Sanli, Birce Taban, Aykut Aytac, Nuray Yazihan, Barbaros Özer

ABSTRACT: Growth patterns and some technological performances of five Streptococcus thermophilus and seven Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus strains isolated from yogurt samples which were...

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Agronomic and Morpho-Physiological Characterization of Some Advanced Lines being Selected in Durum Wheat Cultivated in Semi-Arid Conditions

by Messaoudi Noura, Benderradji Laid, Bouzerzour Hammena, Benmahammed Ammar, Brini Faiçal

ABSTRACT: Knowledge of agro-physiological traits associated with drought tolerance would be useful for developing breeding materials for drought-prone environments. This study was conducted to estimate...

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Quantum Cascade Laser Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Applied to Rice Flour Analysis

by Adriana Puiu, Luca Fiorani, Gianfranco Giubileo, Antonia Lai, Simone Mannori, Wasan Saleh

ABSTRACT: In the present work we applied laser photoacoustic spectroscopy (LPAS) to the analysis of food samples. In particular, we analyzed samples of different rice flours (standard and commercial ones)....

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Human Health Risk Assessment of Some Selected Heavy Metals in Brassica rapa var. parachinensis in Peninsular Malaysia

by Chee Kong Yap, Wan Hee Cheng, Aziran Yaacob, Zulhilmi Hassan, Rosimah Nulit, Franklin Berandah Edward, Koe Wei Wong, Mohamed Hafiz Ibrahim, Shih Hao Tony Peng, Chee Wah Yap, Wen Siang Tan, Mohamad Saupi Ismail, Amin Bintal

ABSTRACT: Biomonitoring of heavy metals is an important part of the ecotoxicological study. However, without the application of the metal data to reflect human wellbeing, it is considered the low impact on...

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Differential Effect of Nobiletin and Tangeretin on the Antioxidant Activity and Levels of α-Tocopherol and Retinol in Rats

by Marilia Rodrigues, Danielle Gonçalves, Danielli Baeta, John Manthey, Thais Cesar

ABSTRACT: Polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) have been associated with increased antioxidant activity in animal models. The effects of tangeretin (TAN) and nobiletin (NOB) on antioxidant activity in the blood...

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Emitter Clogging and Hydraulic Performance of Drip System under Different Water Qualities and Placement Techniques

by Deepak Singh, Neelam Patel, Nisha Singh, KG Rosin, Devideen Yadav, Saurabh Singh, Anand Kumar Gupta, Anita Kumawat, Vinod Kumar Sharma, Manoj Kumar

ABSTRACT: The present study was conducted at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India, to evaluate the effect of sand-disc filters, pressure compensating (bioline) and non-pressure...