The Pattern of Trade Flows in Nigeria during the Pre-and Post-Era of Covid-19




trade, Covid-19, lockdown, gross domestic product, Nigeria


Trade can serve as a major transmitter of economic disruption across the globe and a tool for quick recovery
in times of crisis. While the pandemic disrupted trade activities globally in global merchandise, the traditional mode shifted grounds to digitalization embracement in trade activities. Therein, the concern that this development may further aggravate the catch-up effect of the developing countries like Nigeria is a serious issue due to their deficient digital technological facilities. Although, ICT industries experienced tremendous growth during and post Covid-19 eras in Nigeria. This paper is a desk review investigation carried out on the methods of trade during the pre-and-post Covid-19 era. The data revealed that there was decrease in trade pattern during and post-era of the Covid-19 pandemic globally and in African countries (Nigeria). It was therefore concluded that unlike the pre-Covid-19 trade experience, there was increasing migration of trade to digital network in the era-and-post-Covid-19 period. The paper thereby recommends digitalization of trade activities in forestalling breakdown of trade activities during the post-pandemic era.




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Kehinde Mary Bello, & Matthew Oladapo Gidigbi. (2022). The Pattern of Trade Flows in Nigeria during the Pre-and Post-Era of Covid-19. Regional Economic Development Research, 2(3), 31–47.