Regional Economic Development Research, Special Issue "COVID-19 and Regional Development [Economic and Social Development] in Africa"

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The COVID-19 Pandemic: Capital Importation to Banking Business

by Matthew Oladapo Gidigbi, Beatrice Onawunreyi Omo-Ikirodah, Deborah Idowu Akinwolemiwa

ABSTRACT: This paper investigated the decline of capital importation to Nigeria and specifically banking business in Nigeria in the pre-COVID-19 pandemic era and during the COVID-19 pandemic era. The...

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COVID-19 and Socioeconomic Crises in Africa: Overview of the Prevailing Incidents

by Fisayo Fagbemi, Simplice Asongu

ABSTRACT: The study gives an overview of the socio-economic consequences and implications of the COVID-19 outbreak in Africa. While it is common knowledge that the damage caused by the pandemic to the...

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Can Trade and Remittances Flows Survive COVID-19 in Africa? Evidence from Symmetric Volatility Model

by Okwu Andy Titus, Akpa Emeka Okoro, Obiakor Rowland Tochukwu

ABSTRACT: In this study, volatility in trade and remittances flows to Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic for the period 2004M1 to 2020M11 was modeled. The study evaluated the volatility using the symmetric...

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The Pattern of Trade Flows in Nigeria during the Pre-and Post-Era of Covid-19

by Kehinde Mary Bello, Matthew Oladapo Gidigbi

ABSTRACT: Trade can serve as a major transmitter of economic disruption across the globe and a tool for quick recovery in times of crisis. While the pandemic disrupted trade activities globally in global...

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A Brief Review of India-Africa Bilateral Trade in the Context of COVID-19

by Amiya Sarma, Sampriti Das

ABSTRACT: India and Africa are two regions embarking on a compatible growth trajectory, offering immense potential for mutual exchange and trade complementarities. In the decade preceding the COVID-19...

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Editorial on Special Issue on COVID-19 and Regional Development in Africa

by Badar Alam Iqbal

ABSTRACT: Editorial Note   Prof. Badar Alam Iqbal, Guest Editor of Special Issue "COVID-19 and Regional Development [Economic and Social Development] in Africa, writes an Editorial for this Special...