Sustainable Chemical Engineering, Volume 5 Issue 1 (2024), 1-283

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Ratio Optimization of Magnesium Oxychloride Cement and Improvement of Its Water Resistance Based on Response Surface Methodology

by Junfang Fu, Rongyao Chen

ABSTRACT: Magnesium oxychloride has excellent early strength, lightweight and environmentally friendly properties, and excellent application value. However, insufficient water resistance affects its...

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Anticorrosion and Supercapacitor Applications of Polypyrrole Coated Graphite Nanocomposites

by Madhusudhan C. K., Muhammad Faisal, Maruthi N., Narasimha Raghavendra, Mahendra K., Abdul Kadar C. H., Vasantha V. T.

ABSTRACT: The present investigation reports the successful incorporation of Graphite into the PPy matrix via a chemical in-situ polymerization technique. Obtained composites were thoroughly studied by using...

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Towards Electricity from the Combustion of Agricultural Waste in Boilers with Low CO2 Emissions

by Yao Modeste Boni, Amal Bouich, Sampson Oladapo Oyedele, Noureddine El Messaoudi, Bernabé Mari Soucase, Aka Boko

ABSTRACT: To meet the growing energy needs of the world’s population, international governments have turned to biomass energy from agricultural waste as a form of renewable energy. To this end, this study...

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Measurement and Modeling the Properties and Equilibrium of Fluid Systems Involving Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons

by Elshen N. Aliyev, Haci Kh. Malikov, Salim M. Asadov, Rauf Yu. Aliyarov

ABSTRACT: On the basis of molecular dynamics modeling (MD modeling) and experimental data pVTx , a study was made of the dynamic and thermodynamic properties of a binary system based on light gases...

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Environmental Assessment of Toxic Gases and Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Monitoring During Fireworks Episodes (Diwali Festival) in Chennai Metropolitan, Southern India

by Manikanda Bharath Karuppasamy, Usha Natesan, Giridharan KS, Dr Renjith V Ravi

ABSTRACT: The Indian celebration of lights, Diwali, is very important. This yearly event in October or November involves spectacular fireworks. Sparklers increase PM and harmful chemicals in the...

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Design of Experiments for Increasing of Methylene Blue Adsorption onto Cellulose Derivative-Based Composites

by M. A. Silva

ABSTRACT: Hematite-cellulose acetate composite membranes (M1, M2, and M3) were evaluated for their performance in methylene blue (MB) adsorption. Box-Behnken design was used to evaluate the influence of...

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A Novel Banana Fiber Reinforced Green Composite from Maleated Castor Oil and Linseed Oil

by S. H. Kumarage, P. I. Godakumbura, M. A. B. Prashantha

ABSTRACT: In recent decades, the consumerist society has recognized the consequences of petrochemicals, hence the interest of scientists has been drawn toward renewable products obtained from biological...

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Binding and Specificity of Ovalbumin with Chitosan Derivatives Varying in Degree of Acetylation

by Irina L. Zhuravleva, Evgeniya A. Bezrodnykh, Victor N. Orlov, Boris B. Berezin, Vladimir E. Tikhonov, Yurij A. Antonov

ABSTRACT: Here is an insight into the interaction and formation of insoluble complexes of ovalbumine (OV) with a series of specific chitosan derivatives (oligochitosan (OCHI)), varying in the degree of...

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Poly (Lactic Acid) Cellulose Biocomposite Films as Potential Antimicrobial Food Packaging Material

by Gowsalya Venkatesan, Kavitha Chandramohan, Saraswathi Umavathi, Sundar Natesan, Ananda Kumar Srinivasan

ABSTRACT: Polylactic acid (PLA)-cellulose bio-composites were developed by incorporating Aloe vera (A. vera) leaf gel at ratios of 100/50 and 50/50. This study aimed to evaluate their physico-chemical,...

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A New Fe2O3-Graphene-Hydrazine Sulphate Nanocomposite as Anode Material with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity in an H2O2 Fuel Cell

by Madhavi D. Shete, J. B. Fernandes

ABSTRACT: In the present study, synthesis of various phases of iron oxide was carried out by simple combustion method. The synthesized iron oxides and their composites with graphene and hydrazine sulphate...

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Air Quality Assessment Based on a Smart Locally CO2 Monitoring System with Validation by a Reference Instrument

by Jacob Mbarndouka Taamté, Vitrice Ruben Folifack Signing, Modibo Oumar Bobbo, Kountchou Noubé Michaux, Yerima Abba Hamadou, Saïdou

ABSTRACT: This article deals with the development and implementation of a low-cost smart air quality monitoring device. The study aims to develop a simple, efficient, and cheap device for real-time...

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Environmental Impact Assessment and Process Upscaling for Sustainable Production of Cellulose Nanofibre, a Biopolymer Derived from Lignocellulosic Biomass

by Bulbul Gupta, Amita Sharma, Anjana, Subhasish Dutta, Subhasish Dutta, Saswata Goswami

ABSTRACT: As an agricultural waste, rice straw has a requisite quality for conversion to nanocellulose; however, the environmental and technical feasibility of the processes available has not been assessed...

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A Novel Cardanol-Based Monoglyceride Using Cashew Nut Shell Liquid

by Fathima Nimra Abdul Haleem, Sathsara Sandamini Perera, M.A.B. Prashantha, Pahan Indika Godakumbura

ABSTRACT: Phenol is a widely used non-renewable petrochemical resource in many organic syntheses, hence sourcing phenolic derivatives from renewable resources is an important concern. In this study, a novel...

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Advancing Sustainable Biofuel Production from Agricultural Residues: A Comprehensive Mini-Review

by Abida Nisar, Kiya Hashum, Mahgul Bashir, Nazia Mubeen, Sabagul Younus, Sahid Mehmood, Fazal Haq, Muhammad Haroon

ABSTRACT: Fossil fuels widely satisfy the world's energy demands; however, they are absolutely unsustainable. Rational energy management is therefore one of humanity's greatest challenges in the 21st...

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Petroleum Discovery, Utilization and Processing in the World and Nigeria: A Comprehensive Literature Review

by Great Iruoghene Edo, Princess Oghenekene Samuel, Agatha Ngukuran Jikah, Helen Avuokerie Ekokotu, Ufuoma Ugbune, Ephraim Evi Alex Oghroro, Oghenerume Lucky Emakpor, Arthur Efeoghene Athan Essaghah, Irene Ebosereme Ainyanbhor, Aghoghoroghene Elizabeth Ojulari, Kennedy Ahamefula Okoronkwo, Joseph Oghenewogaga Owheruo

ABSTRACT: While the discovery of petroleum has brought numerous benefits to society, it has also created significant challenges, including environmental degradation and geopolitical conflicts. This review...

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Application and Future Perspectives of Keratin Protein Extracted from Waste Chicken Feather: A Review

by Shyam D Maurya, Anurag Singh

ABSTRACT: In the present review, we have focused on the utilization of keratin from poultry bio-mass. Keratin is a tough, fibrous protein that is mostly found. There are millions of tonnes of...

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Nitrocellulose Unveiled: A Brief Exploration of Recent Research Progress

by Josmi John, K. S. Archana, Ashley Mariam Thomas, Rose Leena Thomas, Jeena Thomas, Vinoy Thomas, N. V. Unnikrishnan

ABSTRACT: Nitrocellulose is a versatile material with a wide range of applications across various industries. This review article provides an overview of the present state of nitrocellulose technology and...

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Simulation of Co-Crystal Solubility in the Mono-Solvents at Different Temperatures

by Ali Shayanfar, Abolghasem Jouyban

ABSTRACT: This communication reports correlative models for the simulation of the solubility of co-crystals dissolved in mono-solvents at various temperatures. The trained models provided reasonably...