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Social Education Research (SER) is an open-access and peer reviewed journal which publishes high quality, original articles that contain theoretical content and practical teaching ideas on social education. It aims to exchange ideas and research findings that will contribute on the expansion of knowledge and understanding on issues about social education. SER presents research findings or progress trends that focusing on Instructional methodology AND Educational Technology, Adult Education, STEM and social education, Intercultural education. Click here to find more details.

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Schooling-at-Home and Extra Child-Caring Responsibilities were Associated with Parental Mental Health, Psychosocial Well-Being, and Loneliness

by Janni Leung, Daicia Price, Tore Bonsaksen, Mary Ruffolo, Hilde Thygesen, Caitlin McClure-Thomas, Mariyana Schoultz, Amy Ostertun Geirdal

ABSTRACT: Schooling-at-home and educating children at home have received increased attention since the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in abrupt social changes, including stay-at-home protocols and school...

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Perceived Effect of Monetary Policy Measures on Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and Funding of Universities in Nigeria

by Friday Oko Orji, Ifeanyi Francis Ikedimma, Mercy Obianuju Nwogbo

ABSTRACT: The study looked into the perceived effect of monetary policy measures on internally generated revenue (IGR) and funding of universities in Nigeria. Ex post facto design was adopted for the study....

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Easier and More Enjoyable: Recognizing Mistakes by English Foreign Language (EFL) Learners Across Gender

by Neda Moezzipour, Jassem Alifathabadi

ABSTRACT: Daniel Kahneman asserted that recognizing others’ mistakes is both easier and more enjoyable. The current study aimed at testing this claim in the context of English language learning among...

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A Bibliometric Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Chatbots in Language Education

by Wenting Liu, Yupeng Lin, Zhonggen Yu

ABSTRACT: Chatbots in language education demonstrate promising potential. This study identifies their developmental paths, recent designs, and primary application contexts through a bibliometric and...

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“I'm One of the Lame Ducks”-A Narrative Inquiry of the Sang Mentality of Elite Chinese University Students in the Crisis of COVID-19 Pandemic

by Lina Sun

ABSTRACT: The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed various restrictions and challenges to college students in China, significantly impacting their academic pursuits and daily lives. Particularly, it has had a...

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The Multiple Roles of Social-Emotional Skills in Student Educational, Psychological, and Social Outcomes: An Empirical Study from China

by Jinpeng Niu

ABSTRACT: The aim of the present study was to investigate the multiple roles of social-emotional skills in the educational, psychological, and social outcomes of Chinese primary and secondary students,...

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Increasing Students' Growth Mindset and Learning Perception by Allowing Online Revision and Resubmission in a Community College

by Dorina Tila, Dawn Levy

ABSTRACT: Although improving students' learning is a universal objective, assessment and evaluation of learning differ among academic institutions and scholars. Instead of focusing on traditional measures...

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Supporting Higher Education Students Through Polls in Inclusive Digital Formats

by Melissa Beck Wells

ABSTRACT: As digital learning increases globally, the use of evidence-based practices to create community and foster engagement is meaningful for higher education learners. Higher education students in...