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Social Education Research (SER) is an open-access and peer reviewed journal which publishes high quality, original articles that contain theoretical content and practical teaching ideas on social education. It aims to exchange ideas and research findings that will contribute on the expansion of knowledge and understanding on issues about social education. SER presents research findings or progress trends that focusing on Instructional methodology AND Educational Technology, Adult Education, STEM and social education, Intercultural education. Click here to find more details.

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Emotional Labor and Mental Health in Adult Education: Reintegration Among Deported Mexicans in Bilingual Call Centers Post-COVID 19

by Carlos Samuel Ibarra, Rodolfo Cruz Piñeiro, Arturo Fabián Jiménez

ABSTRACT: This study investigates the role of bilingual call centers in Mexico as platforms for reintegration and skill development for Mexicans deported from the United States post-COVID-19. Utilizing a...

Open Access Article

Improving Pre-service English Teachers' TPACK in Teaching Contest

by Fang Huang, Wenxin Zhang, Kailiang Lv

ABSTRACT: The development of pre-service teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) has attracted wide attention among scholars and teacher educators worldwide. However, few studies have...

Open Access Article

Parental Involvement in Assisting the Student in the Social Domain: The Educators' Perspective

by Anat Korem

ABSTRACT: Parental involvement is one of the key issues in education that remains a constant part of the public and academic agenda, but little is known about the perspective of educators on parental...