Selecting Program of Study for Undergraduate Students in the Valley View University, Kumasi


  • Yeyie Patrick Social Studies Department, Kibi Presbyterian College of Education, Ghana



choice of programme, undergraduate, universities, pursue, urged


The paper investigates the selection of courses of study by undergraduates of Valley View University, Kumasi. Data were collected from the school of social science education which focused on 10% of the total population, two hundred and ten (210). The data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version. Findings of the study reveal that economic influence has been found the most important allied to the desired choice of the programme of study. Other factors include school, peer and gender influence. It further argues that, for students to have access to their preferred program of study, there should be E-learning, academic guidance, orientation and avoidance of family influence. The study further recommends that families should serve as guides and support their wards in the selection of courses rather than imposing various programmes on them due to reasons such as sustainment of family business. In addition, Ghana Education Service (GES) should inculcate guidance and counseling into the Senior High School (SHS) syllabus to enhance prior knowledge on the selection of course or programme of study in the tertiary institutions and organizations of career exploration activities to help them decide on the programme of study.




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Yeyie Patrick. (2021). Selecting Program of Study for Undergraduate Students in the Valley View University, Kumasi. Social Education Research, 2(2), 315–330.