An Assessment of Ghanaian Language Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ghana




technology, COVID-19, teachers, pedagogical knowledge, technology-mediated instruction, TPACK


The sudden emergence of the COVID-19 resulted in an abrupt shift from the traditional face-to-face teaching method to the technology-mediated form of education at almost all levels of education in Ghana. To this end, teachers are expected to have competence not only in pedagogy and content but also in using technology to facilitate instruction. In this regard, this study sought to examine whether or not teachers of Ghanaian languages have Technological Knowledge and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge with respect to implementing technology-mediated instruction. To achieve the set purpose of the study, a cross-sectional survey design was adopted. Data were collected with a questionnaire on a five-point Likert scale. The gathered data were analyzed by computing the means and standard deviations of the Likert scale items. The findings of the study show that teachers of the Ghanaian languages possess good Technological Knowledge as well as Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK). Thus, they perceived themselves to be competent enough to implement any form of technology-mediated instruction in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having ascertained the perceived Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge of teachers, the study recommended that Ghanaian language teachers should be resourced with working technological aids to make technology integration feasible amid the outbreak of COVID-19.




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Nyamekye, E., Baffour-Koduah, D. ., John Zengulaaru, & Abigail Osei-Owusu. (2022). An Assessment of Ghanaian Language Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ghana. Social Education Research, 3(3), 1–10.