Teaching Method as a Critical Issue in Science Education in Ghana


  • Samuel Richard Marcourt Physical Education Department, Wesley College of Education, Ghana
  • Emmanuel Aboagye Akrokerri College of Education, Ghana
  • Ebenezer Kingsley Armoh University of Energy and Natural Resources, Ghana
  • Vivian Vinette Dougblor National Sport Authority, Ghana
  • Theophilus Aquinas Ossei-Anto Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana




authentic learning, learner-centered, teaching pedagogy, rote learning


Science education has received a lot of attention around the world. Given this, several works of literature have been produced to address the issue from various perspectives. Regardless of the investigator's background, there are some universal challenges that science educators are currently facing. This paper identified and highlighted teaching methods as a prevailing crucial problem in science education in Ghana, emphasizing its enormity and long-term consequences. Furthermore, the article proposes a model that can help to address the situation. The study suggests that learner-centered teaching approaches are the best pedagogy for stimulating learners' interests and understanding in science education. The study did reveal the enormity of how science in the nation's education is not seeing the light of day, as well as how science is not becoming more influential in attaining national development goals. The theories adopted for this research are social constructivism and constructive controversy as they see learning as exchanges and interrogation between learners and learners, and teachers and learners. The study again made recommendations of models for implementation to help rebrand the teaching of science education in Ghana.




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Samuel Richard Marcourt, Aboagye, E., Ebenezer Kingsley Armoh, Vivian Vinette Dougblor, & Theophilus Aquinas Ossei-Anto. (2022). Teaching Method as a Critical Issue in Science Education in Ghana. Social Education Research, 4(1), 82–90. https://doi.org/10.37256/ser.4120232058