Social Education Research, Volume 4 Issue 1 (2023), 1-193

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Teachers Who, While Using Technological Devices to Teach Mathematics, (Re) Construct Their Specialised Knowledge

by José Villella, Rosa Ferragina, Leonardo Lupinacci, Victoria Güerci, Gema Fioriti, Fernando Bifano, Alejandra Almirón, Susana Ammann

ABSTRACT: In this article, we share the design and implementation of the preparatory phase of a didactical experiment with teachers of mathematics, using informatics technologies, in classrooms intended for...

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Pre-service Teachers' Characteristics Predict their Technological Knowledge: An Exploratory Multiple-Regression Design

by Clarke Ebow Yalley, Ernest Sarpong Akore, Philemon Afutor

ABSTRACT: Academic discourse has highlighted the influence of pre-service teachers' technological knowledge as a cord linking their pedagogy and content integration. However, pre-service teachers'...

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Entrepreneurial Intention and Skills Needed by Today's Youths for Sustainable Development

by Dorothy Nkem Ezenwanne

ABSTRACT: The development of entrepreneurial intention and raising the attitudes of today's youths to launch their own firms in Nigeria has continued to center on entrepreneurship and skill acquisition....

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Institution Type, Selectivity, and Financial Aid: An Examination of Institutional Factors Influencing First-Time Students Retention in Public Universities

by Caroline Sabina Wekullo

ABSTRACT: First-time student retention has become of greatest priority to higher education administrators seeking to increase revenue from tuition and completion rates. The statistics show that only 40% of...

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The Incidents Related to the Absence of Cultural Sensitivity in a Multicultural EFL Classroom Setting

by Gizem Yilmazel

ABSTRACT: The current study contributes to the literature by examining incidents related to cultural sensitivity in multicultural classroom settings through demographic information surveys and interview...

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Stakeholders' Perceptions of Improving Students' Acquisition of Life Skills Competencies through Social Science Curricula

by Itiha Mwachande, Jesse Lukindo, Evaristo Mtitu

ABSTRACT: This study assessed stakeholders' perceptions of enhancing students' acquisition of life skills competencies through social science curricula. It was guided by an objective that reads to assess...

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Open Educational Resources Adoption Reduces Textbook Costs without Sacrificing Student Performance in Business and Economics Courses at a Community College

by Dorina Tila, Dawn Levy

ABSTRACT: This study analyzed the possibility of saving on textbook costs without sacrificing student performance by using Open Educational Resources (OER) at no cost to students as a replacement for...

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The Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Academic Performance of Nursing Students

by Joy Johnson Agbo, Tolulope Oluwaseun Onayemi, Great Iruoghene Edo

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to discover how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the academic performance of nursing students and the challenges faced while trying to adapt to the online...

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Making the College Transition in China-Rural First-Generation College Students and Their Parents

by Michelle W.T Cheng, Yi Xie, Sing Kai Lo

ABSTRACT: College transition is a phase that every college student must face; however, not everyone experiences it smoothly. With the growing number of First-Generation College Students (FGCS) in rural...

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Teaching Method as a Critical Issue in Science Education in Ghana

by Samuel Richard Marcourt, Emmanuel Aboagye, Ebenezer Kingsley Armoh, Vivian Vinette Dougblor, Theophilus Aquinas Ossei-Anto

ABSTRACT: Science education has received a lot of attention around the world. Given this, several works of literature have been produced to address the issue from various perspectives. Regardless of the...

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Summer Reading Program: A Systematic Literature Review

by Emilie Dujardin, Jean Ecalle, Christophe Gomes, Annie Magnan

ABSTRACT: This article is a systematic review of summer reading programs from 2012 to 2021 and provides a synthesis of 16 articles on summer programs in children from prekindergarten through Grade 8...

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Investigating Students' Preferred Instructional Methods for Teaching Social Studies in a Selected Senior High School in Afadzato South District, Ghana

by John Zengulaaru, Ernest Nyamekye

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to identify students' preferred instructional methods for teaching Social Studies in a selected Senior High School in Afadzato South District of Ghana. This study...

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The Use of Social Media for Students' Academic Life: Experience from Buhare Community Development Training Institute, Musoma, Tanzania

by Saidi A. Mbegani, Henry L. Mambo, Christian Mubofu

ABSTRACT: The study assessed the usage of social media networks in seeking information by college students: with reference to Buhare Community Development Training Institute (CDTI), Musoma-Mara region,...

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Segmenting Distance Learners on the Basis of their Career Awareness and Perceived Employability: A Study of PG Economics Students of University of Jammu

by Neelam Choudhary

ABSTRACT: This research explored the factors affecting awareness regarding graduate career prospects for distance learners of Economics, studying at the Directorate of Distance Education, University of...

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Pre-Service English Teachers' Acculturation into School Teaching Practice during Internship: A Narrative Case Study

by Ruyue Zhang, Fang Huang

ABSTRACT: Given the lack of research inquiring into pre-service teachers' acculturation, this study explored pre-service English teachers' acculturation into teaching practice during their internship in the...