Support Teaching in Schools: Perceptions of Teacher Trainees


  • Emmanuel Appiah Dankwah Department of Information Communication Technology, Akrokerri College of Education, Kumasi, Ghana
  • Isaac Atuobi Nyarko Akrokerri College of Education, Kumasi, Ghana
  • Daniel Darkwa Mensah Akrokerri College of Education, Kumasi, Ghana



support teaching in schools, COVID 19, pandemic, learning resources, hybrid


Support Teaching in Schools (STS) is a vital element in any teacher education programme. It is considered the most fundamental way in helping teacher trainees to become effective implementers of the school curriculum. This study sought to ascertain the perception of teacher trainees on the benefits and challenges of the STS program in Akrokerri College of Education. This study used a hybrid research technique to find out about the perception of teacher trainees towards STS. The study data were collected through online questionnaires, and then descriptive statistics and content analysis approach were used to analyze research questions. The main objective of the paper was to examine teacher trainees perception concerning STS; to find out whether the opinion of teacher trainees on STS differ with regards to gender; to ascertain the benefits and of STS to the teacher trainees; and to identify specific challenges of STS during COVID 19 pandemic. In all 235 teacher trainees responded, findings from the study proved that teacher trainees perceived support teaching in school (STS) as beneficial, as it has helped them connect college base training to practical skills and knowledge of the teaching profession. Time wasting due to single bus for conveying students to practice schools; lack of proper orientation; the inability of some link tutors to visit schools; insufficient teaching and learning resources were some of the challenges encountered by teacher trainees. Other challenges emanating from STS as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic were lack of orientation on online STS, poor internet connectivity, inadequate time and the artificial nature of STS.




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Emmanuel Appiah Dankwah, Isaac Atuobi Nyarko, & Daniel Darkwa Mensah. (2021). Support Teaching in Schools: Perceptions of Teacher Trainees. Social Education Research, 2(2), 289–297.