Advanced Energy Conversion Materials, Volume 4 Issue 2 (2023), 29-173

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Conversion of Heat into Electricity Through Natural Convection of a Single-Phase Liquid Metal in a Closed Loop with a Magnetic Field

by Andrea Di Vita, Yuval Baryossef

ABSTRACT: Conventional waste heat recovery systems usually require water (e.g. to supply steam for a turbine) and imply the wearing of moving parts, to the detriment of usability in case of drought and/or...

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Ballistic Thermoelectricity

by Stanislav Ordin

ABSTRACT: The analysis of Local thermo-EMF in p-n junctions made it possible to reveal the phenomenological features of ballistic thermoelectricity. By the Curie Symmetry Principle, in polar structures of...

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Organic Solar Cells with Nanofibers in the Active Layer Obtained by Coaxial Electrospinning

by Yngrid Synara de Sena Silva, Maria de Fatima Vieira Marques

ABSTRACT: The high demand for energy and the intensification of climate change have led to the need to improve renewable energy sources, such as solar energy. Organic bulk heterojunction (BHJ) cells using...

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Enhancing Electrical Properties and Seebeck Effects of WO3 Thin Films Using Spray Pyrolysis: Insights into the Conductivity and Carrier Type

by Zahra Asghari, Hamid Arian Zad, Hosein Eshghi

ABSTRACT: This study focuses on enhancing the electrical and thermoelectric properties of tungsten trioxide (WO 3 ) thin films using the spray pyrolysis technique. Three samples, namely A 1 , A 2 , and A 3...

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Optimization of the MA/FA Ratio in the Structure of Absorber Layers Based on MA(1-x)FAxPbI3 Perovskites for Stable and Efficient Solar Cells

by Idrissa Diomandé, Amal Bouich, Mina Nezamisavojbolaghi, Mouhaydine Tlemçani, Bernabe Mari Soucasse, Aka Boko

ABSTRACT: Herein, we investigate the mixture of methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI 3 ) and formamidinium lead iodide (FAPbI 3 ). The perovskite films were coated onto fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) glass...

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Feasibility Study for the Use of an Autonomous Solar Photovoltaic Water-Lifting Installation in the Karakum Desert

by Penjiyev Ahmet Myradowich

ABSTRACT: One of the urgent problems of Turkmenistan is the development of the Karakum desert, which occupies 80% of the entire territory of the country. For the development of this territory, scientists...

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Boosting the Stability at Room Atmosphere of Lead Halide Perovskites Through a Simultaneous Compositional Tuning of the A-and X-sites

by Sié Georges Hien, Amal Bouich, Abou Bakary Coulibaly, Aka Boko, Bernabé Marí Soucase

ABSTRACT: Organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites, particularly the Formamidinium and Cesium based-ones are among the most promising materials for photovoltaic applications, yet they still face a...

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Application of Particle Swarm Optimization for Sustainable Energy Solution in Wind Power Plant

by Vaishali Shirsath, Prakash Burade

ABSTRACT: Sustainable Energy demand was observed over the last six decades and reported by many researchers. Few researchers also mentioned the importance of intelligent tools. The authors of this article...

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Characterization and Sensitivity Analysis of a Photovoltaic Panel

by Mina Nezamisavojbolaghi, Erfan Davodian, Amal Bouich, Mouhaydine Tlemçani

ABSTRACT: The characterization of photovoltaic (PV) panels is crucial both in post-manufacturing quality control and operational phases. To achieve this purpose, models of equivalent electronic circuits are...

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Physical Properties of SnO2/WO3 Bilayers Prepared by Reactive DC Sputtering

by C. Guillén

ABSTRACT: The combination of transparent and conductive SnO 2  with colored WO 3  thin films has interesting uses in electrochromic windows, photovoltaic cells and photocatalytic systems, where the SnO 2...