Special Issue: Smart Packaging


Guest Editor:

Prof. Bambang Kuswandi

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Jember, Indonesia



Over the past years, with customers' increasing demands, smart packaging is attracting great attention and embracing a growing vast global market. This emerging technology in the food industry is incorporating active and intelligent technologies. Based on various types of polymer nanocomposites, antimicrobial and so many other properties are explored to extend shelf life and improve food safety. This packaging system can also indicate the freshness and quality of the food in the supply chain, and customers can access the information on food quality and safety quickly and conveniently, which provides an important solution to the food waste problem around the whole world.

In the long run, packaging is not just to provide physical protection for the product. Smart packaging can simplify the logistics process and promote marketing to a new level, and this emerging technology enables to promote the environmental-friendly economy. Before smart packaging can reach its full potential, it is necessary to raise enterprises' awareness and learn the customers' perception of such innovative packaging.

This special issue will focus on the recent advances in smart packaging and how these technologies improve consumers' appreciation. It will also pay close attention to environmental and sustainability packaging, expecting to reduce waste and protect public health.


Researchers are invited to contribute their original research articles, reviews as well as short communications regarding the advances in intelligent packaging in food industry.



  • Sustainable Packaging: Plant-based, Edible packaging materials
  • Active and intelligent food packaging system: radio frequency identification tags(RFIDs), NFC, AR packaging
  • Food packaging films
  • Real-time indicators
  • Biodegradable polymers
  • Food quality monitoring
  • Anti-microbial Packaging
  • Self-cooling/Self-heating Packaging
  • Customers' perception


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December 10, 2022


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